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Services for NDIS Participants

Art Therapy for NDIS Participants


Are you a person of different abilities who is registered with the NDIS?


Art Therapy is a service available to you.

Art Therapy is about you and how you’re feeling and can show you ways to heal
certain things within you. It’s about you feeling a part of this world in a safe and
happy place through art.

Art Therapy can improve emotional regulations, improve relationships, school
behaviour and attendance.

As a qualified Initiatic Art Therapist, Artist and Art and Textile Educator, I use all the
mediums of visual arts such as painting, sculpture, clay, drawing, collage, textiles
(sewing) and many other ways of creating art (music, dance, writing) during art
therapy sessions.

I am available to work one-on-one with participants as well as in small groups of
(2-4 participants).


NDIS and Art Therapy

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with a permanent and significant disability which affects their ability to take part in everyday activities. 


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) implements the NDIS. 


The NDIS supports people with disability to live ordinary lives.  To learn more about the NDIS, please refer to the NDIS website

How NDIS works with Art Therapy


NDIS participants set goals to live the life of their choice as part of their NDIS plan. 


The plan is assessed and a budget is granted by the NDIS based on this assessment.  As art therapy benefits people living with physical and mental disabilities, art therapy can be accessed as a support through the NDIS budget.

This budget is managed by a Plan Manager and can be supported by a Support Coordinator.  Alternatively, people with disabilities and/or their families can choose to manage the budget themselves.


How NDIS Funds Art Therapy


Under the NDIS, art therapy is provided as an allied health service in the same way as physiotherapy, speech therapy and many others.


When art therapy is listed by a participant in their NDIS Plan as one of the supports they would like to receive to assist them to reach their goals, an Art Therapist can be engaged.

Kajeet Healing Art services can be used by participants who are Plan Managed or Self Managed.

How much does Art Therapy Cost for NDIS Participants?

As per the NDIS Price Guide, Art Therapy costs between $193.99 and $290.99 per hour based for a participant/group based in Queensland.

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