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My small art therapy business Kajeet Healing Art has been set up to help with the emotional and physical needs of people of all ages and backgrounds.


Art assists people with issues that are troubling them in life. l have experienced the remarkable way in which art  therapy can help a person deal with their mental and physical health needs, living happy and healthy lives with the tools they have experienced through art therapy.

Art therapy is not about making a pretty picture for the wall; no previous art experience is necessary. It’s about finding a way to express our feelings and thoughts through art in a safe and healing space.

Who would benefit from art therapy?

Art therapy is for everyone. 


Art therapy is there to help with whatever issues you might have in your life. An Art Therapist is different to an Art Teacher.  Art Teachers teach all the art mediums and evaluate the work to a certain standard or mark.


Art Therapy is about you and how you’re feeling and can show you ways to heal certain things within you.  It does not involve you getting a mark for your work, or hanging it on the wall, or displaying it.  It’s about you feeling a part of this world in a safe and happy place through art.  Art Therapy can improve emotional regulations, improve relationships, school behaviour and attendance.

Art therapy can assist students, youth, adults, male and female, young and old with the following issues: depression / anxiety / family break-ups / anger / sickness / history of trauma / homelessness / low income / eating disorders / postnatal depression / disabilities and drug and alcohol issues.

How are Art Therapy Sessions Run?

I work one-on-one with clients as well as in small groups of (2-4 clients).

  • Creative Arts, Self-Expression

  • Conflict/Anger Management

  • Respectful Relationships

  • Self-Esteem Building and Self-Care, Addiction Recovery

  • Art Tutoring, Clay Field

How much does Art Therapy Cost?

$85 per session (individual one-to-one)

For Group Sessions, please request a quotation via phone or email.

No art skills are required and the therapy does not have to include expensive art equipment or materials.

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